01. How much are your dive trips?

02. Do you teach courses?

03. Are you insured?

04. What if I get sick at sea?

05. What size groups can you take?

06. Are there discounts?

07. Where are you located?

08. How do I get there?

09. What type of boat is it?

10. What equipment do you rent?

11. Can I bring my own?

12. Do you work on a timetable? How does this work?

13. Can you recommend accommodation?

14. Who designed your website?

01. €35 which will include diving tanks and weights.

02. We teach the full range of PADI courses form Discover scuba to Rescue diver.

03. The diver centre is fully insured as too is the boat.

04. Most of the journeys to dive sites a short and chances of sea sickness will be fairly low. But if you are prone to getting sick you should take sea sick pills with you and take about an hour before going to the boat.

05. Each centre can cover 24 divers at the same time. But we can cater for a maximum of about 36 divers. This limit will be governed by accommodation.

06. Discounts can be arranged for groups.

07. Located off the west coast from Mayo to Galway.

08. Inish Bofin ::: Located off the coast of Galway. Boats leave from Cleggan harbour and take about half an hour.

Clare Island ::: Located off the coast of Mayo. It can be seen as you enter Westport. Boats leave from Roonagh pier located near Louiseburg and takes about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Please click on the 06.WHERE? link on the bottom left of our website for directions and maps.

09. The FAWNGLASS is an Ocean Tramp, 12 meter (36.6ft) half decker with 6 meter open deck space, wheel house and cabin with galley, toilet and two bunks. She is licensed to carry 12 passengers.

10. Tanks and weights will be available. More gear will be available later.

You are encouraged to bring your own gear, as familiarity with your own gear is best for diving.

12. At the moment it depends on the bookings, but it will soon be that both will operate at the same time.

13. Please see our 10.LINKS page to the right of our site and select the ISLAND ACCOMMODATION link.

14. Guilty Fish.com. email them here and let them know what you think! Also, check out WWW.GUILTY FISH.COM